The Genesis Of IAT® Tools

The Genesis Of IAT® Tools

Like many things, the beginnings of the IAT® Tools were born from the combination of adversity and opportunity. 

At the time, the best tools on the market, made by the biggest name in the market, could only be purchased if you attended their seminar. And, more exclusively, you could only attend their seminar based on your academic credentials, such as chiropractor, osteopath or doctor of physical therapy. The policy was in place under the guise of keeping a high standard of practitioner, yet completely failed to understand what makes an amazing practitioner. 

Having been lucky enough to travel the globe to teach and work with some of the best practitioners in the world, we saw that it isn’t their academic qualifications that made them amazing, but the skills they had learnt at seminars. It’s not the BSc but the TPI® that makes you great. It’s not the MSc but the IAT® that keeps the customers coming back. Ironically, their policy of only allowing access to the seminar and tools based a restrictive academic list actually stopped some of the very best practitioners from using their products! However, we saw this as an opportunity to build something that we believe is better.

Studying the market, the IAT® team found plenty of lower quality, economically cheaper tools that would work just fine for the “scrapers” and Gua Sha practitioners but nothing for practitioners that wanted the very best tools created at the intersection of great design, materials and manufacturing techniques. Through that journey the IAT® Tools were born. 

The IAT® Tools range contains both sets and individual tools that anyone can buy. To find them click the IAT® Tools logo below, the text here or use the menu option to take you to their dedicated area of the website.