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IAT Seminar Video

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IASTM : How to be in the top 1% of clinicians.

One of the best ways to get better outcomes with your clients is to learn and integrate the 4×4 Treatment Matrix to any modality, not just IASTM. However, before we go into detail on how it can be applied to IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation), and give you some specific examples it can achieve, […]

IASTM Techniques : The only two techniques you need to know…

Whilst there are plenty of IASTM techniques most of them aren’t worth learning. Many of the IASTM techniques focus on “scrapping” and “adhesion busting” which end up causing excessive bruising for the patient.  However, there are a couple of IASTM techniques that are still valuable and can be integrated into  a practitioners patient evaluation process. […]

IASTM Tools: What most IASTM tool brands won’t tell you…

With the boom in the industry over the last decade, there are now many materials that IASTM tools can be made from, many methods by which they can be manufactured and many designs that they can be made into. With most brands of IASTM tool manufacturers claiming to have the best instruments, how do you […]

IASTM Certification: How To Choose The Best Seminars

So you’re looking for IASTM Certification? It’s great that you are wanting to learn a new skill. For over a decade we’ve had the privilege of traveling the world to teach and work with some of the very best practitioners and in that time we’ve seen they all share that same drive as you to […]