Frequently Asked Questions

 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a patient or athlete looking for information on Instrument Assisted Therapy®? Then check out our IAT® Frequently Asked Questions section below.

IASTM Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is IAT®?

    Instrument Assisted Therapy®, or IAT®, is a treatment system where practitioners use tools, alongside their other skill sets, to treat their patients.

    The use of Instrument Assisted Therapy® has boomed in popularity with patients, athletes and practitioners alike over the last decade.

    Instrument Assisted Therapy

    IAT® is a protected term internationally, practitioners are licensed and regulated by the owners with the aim to make sure each practitioner is up to date with the current research and maintain high standards treatment.

    To find your nearest Instrument Assisted Therapy® practitioner use this link to our IAT® Locations search page.

  • How Popular is IAT?
  • Finding an Certified IAT Practitioner

    LocationMapDue to the tremendous growth in Instrument Assisted Therapy®  many clinics have certified IAT® practitioners around the world.

    The owners of Instrument Assisted Therapy® regulate the use of IAT® and licence practitioners, from many different professions, to use the treatment system. The certified IAT® practitioners have been taught and tested on the safe and proficient use of a wide range of up to date techniques when address your individual needs.

    To find your nearest certified IAT® practitioner use this link to our IAT® Locations search page.