IAT® Neurology Seminar

IAT® Neurology Seminar

Start your journey to become a Level 1 Certified IAT® Practitioner.

Seminar Overview

The IAT® Neurology Seminar is your gateway to becoming a certified IAT® Practitioner. This online educational programme will redefine your understanding as to how manual therapy works.

It’s our view that to achieve quick results we need to target the body’s fastest system, the nervous system. The seminar’s modules will guide you through the indepth workings of three of the body’s neurological inhibition systems, and just as importantly, how we can influence them as manual therapy practitioners. The culmination of which creates a unique treatment system and language designed to focus you to achieve quick, repeatable, efficient and effective results that your clients deserve.

The seminar is divided into three sections and contains over 340 lessons that use animated theory videos, HD technique films, text and graphics. 

  • Theory Library – here you will find many of the animated theory lessons in three modules; Neurological module, Clinical Module and Tools module. 
  • Technique Library- this introduces you to each of the 6 Neurological Response Techniques. The videos provide you with repetitive and random practice, which are essential for both theoretical and motor learning.
  • Anatomy Library- this contains longer videos with both animated and technique elements. The lessons are grouped by nerve and body region, creating a reference library that is quick and simple to review the important points when you use these techniques when treating your clients.

The accreditation exam must be completed successfully to receive your practitioner licence to use the treatment system, the title of IAT® Practitioner and to be invited to the Level 1 Masters Event.