IAT® Neurology Seminar

IAT® Neurology Seminar

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Seminar Overview


Instrument Assisted Therapy

What do the best practitioners know about choosing seminars that 99% of people don’t?

Having traveled around the world meeting, teaching and working with thousands of amazing practitioners, we can tell you that you aren’t alone. At some point in their career, almost all practitioners find themselves wanting to make a change, and learn a new skill set. 

With over a decade of experience successfully hosting and teaching seminars, we’ve noticed that the very best practitioners share characteristics that others don’t.

#1. Look For Systems.

The first characteristic that unite the best practitioners is that they ALWAYS look for seminars that teach systems. There are plenty of courses that teach a collection of unconnected techniques. Whilst each individual technique has some worth, because it isn’t part of something greater than itself it has limited value. 

However, system theory states that the system is worth more than the sum of its parts. Or to put into perspective for manual therapy seminars, the best practitioners in the world know a treatment system has more benefits than the individual techniques it comprises. It’s the interconnections that add the extra value. Those connections define the boundaries of each technique, how to move between them and when to do so. Because systems lay out a precise road map for practitioners to follow they lead to more efficient and effective progress. 

The IAT® Treatment System taught in this seminar does just that. It lets the practitioner flow through the clearly defined system of six interconnected tool based manual therapy techniques, helping them not only elevate their treatment outcomes but do so in a way that saves them time and energy.

#2. Find Out Why.

Once they’ve found a system, the second trait that we’ve seen is that the best practitioners become super focused on finding out why the system works so well.  They’ve realised something that many don’t stop to consider. 

The challenge isn’t getting positive results without knowing why, that’s called getting lucky. The problems start when the good luck dries up. The best have figured out that without knowing the “why”, practitioners often end up repeating the same thing again and again, hoping for a different outcome “because it worked before”. That’s Einstein’s definition of insanity. It won’t achieve the results their clients deserve nor will it help the practitioner’s reputation.

The unfortunate reality is that many manual therapy courses do not do a good enough job of explaining why the techniques they teach work and how to avoid Einstein’s insanity. We believe that to achieve quick and effective results, practitioners need to know how to take advantage of the body’s nervous system. It is the “why” of how our hands on treatment system works so well and we make sure you have all the information you need to take full advantage of it in the lessons of this seminar. 

#3. Look For Relevance.

The third characteristic that the very best practitioners share is looking for seminars that contain high quality, relevant lessons that will help them achieve their goals. They know that many seminars contain a lot of fluff and filler to bulk them out and, understandably, don’t want to waste their time. 

Here’s an example. There’s a degree for a particular manual therapy profession that contains indepth information on innervation of the tongue, of which they use towards the exam and the students final grades. Now maybe someone out there found that information so inspiring they went on to become the world’s only tongue manual therapy specialist, but for everyone else it’s completely useless. Devoid of any real relevance to manual therapists of all professions and what they actually see on a daily basis. 

Rest assured- all the information in this seminar is 100% relevant to help you maximise the results from the hands on tool based techniques we teach and explained at a level of detail that you won’t find anywhere else. Not only that, but the feedback from the practitioners who we’ve taught is that it’s also relevant to the majority of the other techniques they use and has helped them better understand how to get the most out of those skills as well.


The seminar is divided into three Libraries and contains over 340 lessons that use animated theory videos, HD technique films, text and graphics. 

  • Theory Library – here you will find many of the animated theory lessons in three modules; Neurological module, Clinical Module and Tools module. 
  • Technique Library- this introduces you to each of the 6 Neurological Response Techniques. The videos provide you with repetitive and random practice, which are essential for both theoretical and motor learning.
  • Anatomy Library- this contains longer videos with both animated and technique elements. The lessons are grouped by nerve and body region, creating a reference library that is quick and simple to review the important points when you use these techniques when treating your clients.

Here’s Just Some Of The Lessons Inside The Theory Library…

Want To Know More? Check Out The Seminar Video…

The IAT® Neurology Seminar Also Includes…

Did you know some education companies will hit you with a hidden monthly or yearly charge to continue having access to the seminar content, whilst others completely lock you out once you’ve passed the course’s test? At IAT® we don’t play those games. Our Infinite Access gives you ongoing access to the seminar whenever you want it so that you can fit learning in anytime and anywhere around your busy schedule. Infinite Access also gives you any new and upgraded content and features for the seminar completely free of charge!

Plus You’ll Get The…

Everyone learns differently. For those that like to write notes the IAT® Neurology Seminar Workbook will automatically appear in the resources section of your practitioner dashboard. Simply download, print and let it guide you through the seminar lessons. 

And Also Unlock…

You’ll unlock discounts not only for our own IAT® Tools but also other brands within our alliance network. Giving you a great range of choice and price when next purchasing more equipment. 

You’ll Also Have Access To…

Once you’ve passed the seminar’s accreditation exam you’ll be granted access to the IAT® marketing resources. Patient information leaflets, logos and graphics will be automatically updated to your practitioner account which you can use in your clinic, on your website or on social media. You’ll also be able to input your clinic details so that it can be found on our practitioner search page. All of this is available to you so that you can find new clients, put your new skills to work and earn back the money invested in this seminar as quickly as possible. 


Do I have to be a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist to be able to complete this seminar?


We will never stop anyone learning. However, to legally be allowed to use the treatment system,  the IAT®certified credentials, marketing materials or practitioner search facilities you do need to have the correct and in date professional medical indemnity insurance. 

I don’t know much about neurology, can I still take the course?


We teach you everything you need to know. No filler, just killer content. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to a member of the team anytime, we want to see you succeed and are here to help. 

Do I need to buy your tools to be allowed to complete this seminar?


Other companies do make delegates buy their products to be able to attend the seminar or complete that brands certification process. We do not.  Whilst we do believe our tools are the best on the market, there are many practitioners out there who already have bought tools and others who find another brand that are better suited for their needs.

Do I need to buy any equipment before I start this seminar?


If you haven’t already bought any tools we highly recommend starting this seminar first. The videos and lessons within it will help you see how different types of tools and equipment work on different parts of the body. Giving you the knowledge to make a more informed decision when making a purchase in the future. Plus, one of the bonus features of this seminar is that it gives you discount codes not only for our own IAT® Tools but for other brands within the alliance network too.

Is this course a webinar?


Webinars share some of the same problems as in-person seminars. Webinars are a live event on a specific date that you will have to make room for in your busy schedule. And don’t forget that the webinar could be hosted in a different time zone that could be really inconvenient for you. The IAT® Neurology Seminar’s online, on demand, format means you can learn anytime, anywhere. It makes fitting in learning around business and family life simple and easy. 

Can this seminar count towards my Continued Professional Development needs?

On completing the seminar and passing the accreditation exam your account will automatically be updated with a downloadable certificate showing it took you a minimum of 15 hours of learning to accomplish this goal. 

Having spent over a decade traveling the world teaching, we know that there is huge variety in the ways that different professional bodies in different regions of the globe calculate the continued professional development that their registrants need. Some will simply take the amount of hours shown on a certificate. Others may give registrants credits dependent on factors such as the number of hours of learn and its format.

When I buy this seminar do I get instant access to the content?


Your account will automatically be updated and you’ll be able to start the seminar straight away by going to your Practitioner Dashboard and clicking on the Purchased Seminars button.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can watch a video?


Our Infinite Access policy means there are no limits to the number of times you can access the seminar content. In fact we encourage you to revisit the seminar to refresh your knowledge on the treatment system and important theory as often as you want to keep on top of your game.

What happens if new material is released for this seminar in the future. Do I have to pay more money?


Infinite Access covers you for this as well. You receive any future updates, additions or upgrades to this seminar completely free of charge.

Do I have to complete the course in a certain amount of time?


Take the time you need. The seminar’s on demand and Infinite Access features mean you can learn at your own pace whenever and wherever you want. No time limits attached.  

Can I use the IAT® Treatment System alongside my current skills?


Whilst we do have practitioners that use it as a stand alone therapy, most practitioners quickly integrate it with their skill set to take their treatment results to the next level.


If are looking for an unoriginal, cheap quality, quick “tick box” seminar to meet your professions annual learning requirements….then this seminar IS NOT for you. This seminar is going to challenge you and redefine how you think a lot of manual therapies actually work. 

How To Know You Are Ready For This Seminar…


If two or more of these apply to you then this seminar is right for you, and here’s our guarantee.

Try the IAT® Neurology Seminar for a full 60 days, 100% risk free.

If you have passed the seminar’s accreditation exam, integrated the system into your practice and still not seeing better results then we will give you 100% of your money back. We’ll even take care of the credit card processing fees.

Why do we offer this unbeatable guarantee? 

Have you ever noticed that you don’t see many education companies offering a guarantee? There’s a reason for that. Before creating this seminar, we sat down and reviewed a lot of what this industry had to offer, it was frankly depressing. 

Low budget videos filmed on someone’s phone, unprofessional piece-to-cameras, arduously long videos, monotone monologs and awful editing were just some of the problems found in a litany of poor quality content from seminars teaching the same rehashed and disproven techniques and concepts. No wonder they don’t offer a guarantee!

None of it was good enough for us or what we believe our IAT® Practitioners deserve. With a lot of work we’ve created something that our practitioners have called a “game changer seminar”, with a guarantee to match.

Here’s why we know this seminar is worth every hard earned cent:

  • We invested over half a decade and $500,000 into developing our system and seminar, designed to give you better results as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • It’s a  proven system that’s been extensively tested and analysed over thousands of treatments and data points, not a bunch of random techniques or concepts.
  • It’s a unique system to IAT®, you won’t find this anywhere else.
  • Forget the expense of traveling to a seminar or trying to stay awake for a live webinar in some  far away timezone. Our online format lets you save time and money by fitting studying around your busy schedule.
  • We hired award winning voice over artists, sound engineers, animators, graphics designers and videographers to create the very best content you’ll find anywhere in the industry.
  • The beta testers for the seminar loved it. Their most common reaction was 🤯… Mind Blown!.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our Certified IAT® Practitioners have to say…

One Last Thing…

As you can see from the testimonials above you aren’t alone. Many practitioners have been in the same position of wanting to learn a new skill and had awesome results from this seminar. But there’s one more thing that the best practitioners in the world do that we haven’t talked about. They take action. They understand that the world keeps moving forward, that inaction doesn’t mean staying the same, it means a slow slide into mediocrity. 

Got questions? Use the link 👉 To Contact Us , we are here to help. 

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