Tomaz Skledar

Tomaz Skledar

Tomaz Skledar

IASTM Active Release Slovenia


We are a socially responsible company that seeks to educate people about healthy and active lifestyles. Our clients include members of all generations and care we offer to every man who suffers from pain and injuries. Special attention is given to the development of young sportsmen and cooperate with the handball club Fužinar and youth handball team Slovenia. Preparing training in the areas of rehabilitation and prevention of injuries, or sports, or those that occur in the workplace.

Our key competitive advantage is the quality of our therapeutic approaches, which conscientiously swear. More than 90% of our customers report significant signs of improvement in the situation after the first treatment, most of the common injuries we manage to rehabilitate less than four sessions. We are the only certified “ART provider” in Slovenia.


The vision for Active Release Slovenia is crystal clear. We will become the first choice for relaxation and treatment of soft tissue in this part of Europe. We have offices throughout Slovenia.

We offer complete solutions – diagnostic, rehabilitation and prevention of physical preparedness planning.

We strive for continuous education and maintaining successful long-term relationships with our clients.